Valentine’s Day – Why You Kinda Suck

Valentine’s Day – Why You Kinda Suck

Simply put – I hate this day.

Is there a reason why? Probably but honestly I couldn’t tell you exactly why I hate it. There isn’t just one thing I could pinpoint as to why I dislike it. Don’t get me wrong though I love the mushy gushy lovey thing the day stands for, I just don’t like what this day has turn into.

The romance part of it is beautiful, but expecting someone to buy you a bunch of stuff to show you that they love you is just plain dumb. You should be showing your significant other that you love them all the time, everyday with little gestures or doing something because you were thinking of them or missed them. Who wouldn’t want flowers sent to their office or to surprise your loved one with a nice dinner?

Every girl deep down likes this holiday because who doesn’t like to get all dolled up? The hatred comes from what this day has turned into. It almost feels like it has turned into a competition. It kind of sucks to be honest. I wish it was back to how we did things in elementary school, everyone got something, we’d throw parties full of candies and baked goods and if someone really meant something to you, you’d make their valentine to show just how much you cared for them. There was seldom hurt feelings and everyone just enjoyed being with each other. Now it’s turned into who can buy the biggest or most badass gift and if you can outshine every other couple you know.

Honestly, just surprise them. Whether it be with a nice dinner where you’re able to get all dressed up and if not, flowers and candy is always acceptable. Just remember it’s the thought that counts, not how much you’ve spent. If they love you or like you it’s because of who you are and not what you can give them in terms of gifts.

If you’re single don’t feel bad, don’t mope around your house upset by this fact. Go treat yourself. Get yourself some flowers, a bottle of wine, make yourself a nice dinner and just do whatever else you want. Be happy and love life, it’s just a silly little holiday, it will soon pass and one day you’ll be spending it with your significant other.



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