To All My Past Relationships

“No regrets in life. Just Lessons learned.”

I just wanted to start off by letting you know that I’m okay, that I have always been okay and that I will always be okay.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that not all relationships are meant to last and one day a relationship will come around that is meant to last forever. Unfortunately for ours, it wasn’t meant to be. At the time it was hard, there were plenty of tears, and sleepless nights but because of it I’ve become a better person, so thank you.

To the ones where things didn’t end well and to the ones who are still in my life, each of you played a role in who I have become today.

Each of you taught me something. You taught me how to grow as a person, how to stand on my own two feet, that my family will always be there for me and most importantly you taught me how to be the strong person I am today. You taught me things I wouldn’t have learned if I wasn’t with you. That fighting is exhausting and unnecessary most of the time, crying never gets you anywhere and only causes red puffy eyes and lastly you taught me how to love myself for who I am and that I deserved better.

Thank you for showing me what I deserve. I deserve someone who respects me and my opinions, someone who doesn’t hold me back but instead pushes me towards my goals and dreams. I deserve someone who accepts that I’m stubborn and doesn’t try to change who I am. I deserve someone who loves me more than all the stars in the sky, who makes my cheeks hurt from smiling and understands and learns my ways of returning love. Without the failed relationships, I quite frankly wouldn’t have learned any of this.

No matter what happens heart breaks sucks. Without it though, we can’t realize the good things. A little more thinking with my head and a little less with my heart, but I don’t regret a single one of my relationships no matter the ending; whether it be good or bad. You just made me excited and nervous to see what the future holds and to one day hopefully find the “one.”

Lastly because of you I’ve gained so much knowledge from those experiences. The family and friendships I’ve developed, that have helped heal my broken hearts, and helped me be comfortable with my beautiful self. So cheers to all my past relationships, without you I wouldn’t be who I am today.




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