Who Are You?

“Remember & honor family who have come & gone before you because they had a hand in shaping who you are”

I’ve always thought it was interesting to learn about my family’s history. Our past. What made us, well us. I’ve listened to countless stories from my grandparents that had been passed down from generation to generation. I’ve heard the “We come from royal blood” spiel more than I can count.

So being a nosy investigative type, I decided to look into my family’s past. See where we came from, who we were. The people who shaped my future in a way, by the decisions they made.

Step one was asking the biggest history buff I know about the Stepper family Ancestry, my Grandpa. Of course he was elated to talk all about it and gush about where our family came from and what we did and who they were. After all the stories, he paused, walked into the kitchen and in a cabinet above the computer pulled out a small, poorly bound book that looked like it was a 100 years old. He handed it to me and told me it had all our family census information from the late 1700’s up until the mid 1900’s.

Honestly, I’d never been more excited to read something and explore every page of that book. I found some interesting stuff. Most of my family came from Russia, Germany and a few from England. That most ended up settling in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York and the rest scattered all over the U.S.. That in fact many were in farming and mining and that we sadly didn’t come from any royalty. I’m sure if I dug really, really, really deep I could somehow link those statements together but being a college student I don’t have that much time on my hands. I don’t really have time to do much outside of school and work to be honest yet I still remain the queen of procrastination and continue on my hunt for my information.

Ancestry.com – my next stop and unsurprisingly I found almost the exact information that my grandpa gave me. It being a little more detailed with live expectancy and such but not a whole lot more than that. So all in all it was a bust, I’m sure if I did more investigating, proper investigating I could unlock a whole world of secrets.

For the time I’m okay with the mystery of my ancestry. One day though, when the time is right, when I have more time I’ll unlock a whole new world and be able to piece together the long line of people I descended from.

My blood may not be royal but I can for sure say I come from a long line of hard-working people which is still true to this day. We are a tough brood and I couldn’t be more proud to continue my family name.



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