10 Reasons Being A Mermaid Is Better Than Being A Human

“Always be Yourself. Unless you can be a Mermaid. Then always be a Mermaid.”


There are many more reasons being a mermaid would be way better than being a human but here are just the Top 10 for you:

Numero Uno: You’d always be at the beach – Seriously though, that would be the life. Spending your days at the beach, the salty air, the sand… All of that everyday would be like heaven!

2: NO PANTS!! – They are a burden. They are constricting and most importantly they just suck. Yeah, I know they keep your legs warm, they can make or break an outfit but hey you’re a mermaid and mermaids don’t wear pants. They don’t have to worry about outfits because guess what? They just have a bad-ass tail and a clam shell bra which brings me to my third point…

Trios: Free Clam Shell Bra. Who wouldn’t want one of those? Take it from me, they aren’t easy to make either. Been there done that. Gave up and made a sea shell bra instead and man oh man am I still finding little pearls around my house. So just be a mermaid and take advantage of the free clam shell bra.

FOUR: Perfect hair – Always. Waking up in the morning and never having to fix your hair? That would be the life. Bed head wouldn’t be a thing which is just that much better. Not to mention it would look good in and out of the water.

Five Five Five: No PERIODS – That one really doesn’t need an explanation. It sufficiently explains itself.

Number six: All the Fresh Sea Food. Want some lobster? Some Fish? Well have at it!! Just remember to not eat your friends. After all who is Ariel without Flounder and Sebastian?

Seven: Luring men to their death. Sounds grim and all but who falls for a women who’s half human and half fish just sitting on a rock singing? Oh yeah… A man who probably is stupid to realize what’s happening. Exhibit Prince Eric – except he didn’t die. Instead just fell for a pretty mermaid with a rocking bod and the voice of an angel.

Ocho: No Stress. You have no pressure to do anything and have all the time to just coast through the water. Laying on a rock that is located in a beautiful lagoon all day doesn’t sound too shabby!

Number Nine: People are well – just drawn to you. Perfect hair, pretty tail, bad-ass shell bra? Who wouldn’t want to be around a mermaid.

TEN: Your hair flip would always be on point. Because did I already mention perfect hair – always?


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