5 Things You Know When You Are Obsessed With Disney

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” – Walt Disney

If anyone knows me, they know my love for all things Disney. So in light of my love for all things Disney and getting to be there for the next four days

Here are the 5 Reason You Know You Are Obsessed With Disney:

1. You eat, sleep and breath all things Disney. Your love for Disney can be seen in almost everything you do whether it be in what you watch, the things you pin on Pinterest, the people you talk to or even the fact that in almost every conversation you are able to bring something about Disney up. 

2. You are the first of your family and friends to know about the release of a new Disney movie. Is that surprising? No. No it is not and you’ll fight anyone to be the first person to watch the premier of it or even go watch that same movie multiple times in theaters. 

3. There are those one or two characters that you know everything about. Weird? Maybe a little, but you don’t care because Disney = Life! You’ve also probably at one point tried to figure out how one day you could name your future child after your favorite Disney character(s), which I am definitely guilty of doing! 

4. You are always planning your next trip to Disney. 5 days just isn’t even and if you’re like me… How can you get back to being at Disney everyday. I guess a 2nd Disney College Program is the way to go right?! The rides. The Mickey shaped foods. The Nutella waffles with fruit. The character meet and greets. The Cast Member Costumes. All of it. Just everything, okay!


5. Most importantly – the magic you feel when you are at Disney. The happiness it brings so many people everyday. Yes, it may be crowded but seeing the smiles and the twinkle in the eyes of everyone there just makes your heart swell with so much happiness. The memories that come flooding back into your mind from the smells, rides and characters. It speaks volumes about how much time and effort has been put into the Guest experience to try to create unforgettable memories and magic, even in the smallest ways possible.
So screw the people who tell you, you are too old for Disney and go make some Disney Magic!



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