Follow Your Dreams

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”

Someone asked me what I wanted to do in life after College Graduation and honestly, I didn’t have a straight answer for them. Now if you had asked me when I was 5 years old, I would have told you I wanted to be an Astronaut, Veterinarian, Model, Actress, Fashion Mogul and Pop-star – who owned her own island so that I would be able to give all the animals at shelters a home. Yes I know I had some big dreams but what kid doesn’t? Now if you would have asked me after I graduated High School, I would have told you a pediatric nurse, working mainly with children who had cancer.

So what’s happened between now and then? What happened to the little girl who was going to conquer the world? People. Dream crushers. – That’s exactly what happened. As kids we are impressionable. Things said to us stick in our minds and shape who we are.

Yes, if I had a stronger personality maybe I would have accomplished a few of these things but I didn’t have that kind of personality. I’ve always been quiet and shy. That sweet, kind and compassionate soul who was very easily impressionable. It wasn’t until my later years when I decided not to give a shit what people said. If I had, had this mentality when I was little maybe I would have become one of the many things I wanted to be and then telling people what I wanted to do after I graduated College wouldn’t be so difficult.

There are so many instances I can think of that caused me to rethink what I should do with my life. I get I was a very ambitious child wanting to accomplish so much but my imagination was larger than life and I wanted to do it all. Teachers, classmates and “friends” telling me I couldn’t accomplish those things because I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough or that I couldn’t sing as well as the girl next to be. That I was too soft hearted and needed to be tougher, be less emotional.

I can’t go back now. What has happened is in the past and I can only move forward from here. Yes, I didn’t become an Astronaut or a Pop-star but it doesn’t mean I can’t become anything I choose to be. The sky’s the limit and anything is possible with some hard work, dedication and not caring what others think. If you want to become something and do good in the world, go after it! Live Boldly, Live Beautifully.




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