For the Love of Boy Bands

NSYNC. The Jackson 5. Backstreet Boys. One Direction. Boyz II Men. Hanson. Jonas Brothers. New Kids on the Block.  Just to name a few, they are some of the most iconic Boy Bands of all time (and our favorites). The bands that caused girls to swoon, influenced men’s fashion and created mass amounts of fan-demonium.  

Here are some of our favorite Boy Bands:

The Jackson 5:

It was January of 1970, teenagers flocked to music stores hoping to find their own copy of the latest hit single, “I Want You Back” by a new and upcoming group.  This new song instantly rose to the top of the charts, causing fans to beg for more.  Girls became obsessed with the new band, not only for their music but their incredible moves and dreamy look.  But just who was this new mysterious band?  

Jackson 5 was the start of something big, after all, without this group we wouldn’t have seen the amazing talents of Michael Jackson.  But besides their talented voices, fans seemed to be distracted by something else.  Five boys singing and dancing together in unison was something novel to the music industry, but it quickly began to catch on.  Jackson 5 laid the groundwork for similar style bands that were about to follow.   

These 5 boys were the start of something that no one could have predicted, something no teenager could resist, unprecedented for its time: the rise of boy bands.

Boyz II Men:

The lights go down. You can hear the low hum of the nearby speakers and see a thick coating of fog covering the base of the stage ahead of you. All of a sudden you are sent into shivers by the vocals of Nathan Morris and the sound of thousands of women screaming at the top of their lungs! Boyz II Men brought us the sound of smooth R&B music that fits in just about any occasions. Whether you are going through a breakup or just beginning to fall in love with someone, you can bet that Boyz II Men has a song for you. Since the beginning of time, Motown records has always been consistent in offering some of the best artists of all time including Jackson 5, Michael Jackson and who could forget the legendary Marvin Gaye. Boyz II Men quickly found fame after committing to Motown in the early 90’s shortly after releasing the hit single “End of the Road”.

Boyz II Men have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Mariah Carey. Their sound is unmistakable when compared to other R&B groups over the past few decades. There is absolutely no doubt that this heavy hitting R&B boy band set the tone for all R&B singers to follow.

New Kids On The Block:

New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) began their career during the early 1980’s. Maurice Starr a successful music producer and talent manager had just broke ties with the hit R&B group New Edition and was on the lookout for a new act with his then business partner Mary Alford. Starr and Alford were off to a quick start after finding the first member of the group, Donny Wahlberg, brother of the famous Mark Wahlberg who was initially a part of the group but later left to pursue his own goals before the group’s first release.

The pop group released their first self-titled album in 1986 which was quickly realized as a failure. After going back to the drawing board and reworking some initial thoughts and ideas the group released their second album in 1988. The album titled, “Hangin Tough” quickly took off and the group was into a tour around the United States. New Kids on the Block spent the next several years touring around the globe, releasing two more albums which both did fairly well. Between 1990 and the group’s breakup in 1994 the group dealt with a handful of issues which ranged from lip snitching allegations (WHICH WAS WRONG MIGHT I ADD) to their split with starting manager Maurice Starr.

In 1994 the world was torn apart when hearing the news that NKOTB was over. Over the past decade NKOTB has re-toured with the Backstreet boys and other big names, but we are all still left with one major what if question. What if Marky Mark would have never left the group? What if.


JustiN. ChriS. JoeY. JasoN. JC.  NSYNC.

Shortly after the rise of the Backstreet Boys, audiences were blessed with the rise of another spectacular boy band, NSYNC.  Whether singing along with friends, driving in the car, or hiding alone in your room, everyone has sang along and danced to their hit “Bye Bye Bye” at some point in their life (we know you have. Don’t deny it).  Their choreographed moves and high pitched vocals left all the girls swooning and racing out to buy posters of their favorite band member.  Magazines with quizzes of “which band member is your perfect match” or “where would Justin take you on a date?” were flying off the shelves as girls just HAD to know which member was their perfect match.  

To the public eye, this band seemed impenetrable, one that would be around for decades.  But as we know all too well from boy band history, NSYNC would be over before we got enough.  We all remember the heartbreak experienced when the band announced they were officially splitting up, much too soon.

“Bye Bye Bye”, NSYNC.  

Backstreet Boys:

Howie, AJ, Nick, Kevin and Brian.

Who wouldn’t love them? The dreamy heart throbs of the 1990’s. The boys of pop with the most enduring legacy and arguably being the most iconic Boy Band of all time, still being known worldwide today. The BSB first coming to fame in the USA in 1997 with their hit album Backstreet Boys. Skyrocketing to fame with the release of Millennium in 1999. Hits like “Everybody,” “I Want It That Way” and “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” causing girls to trip over themselves to see the BSB’s in concert, buying posters and anything and everything with the teen heartthrobs faces plastered on it. Forever ingraining our lives with their iconic songs. Always getting you through the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Backstreet Boys sadly took a brief hiatus in the mid 2000’s but eventually reunited. In 2013 dropping a new album causing millennial girls to fall in love with  their favorite boy band’s music all over again.  In 2015 the BSB began touring once more, so don’t worry fangirls because  “Backstreet’s back, alright!”


Long before there was the Jonas Brother, there was the shaggy haired Hanson Brothers. Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson dropped their first album Middle of Nowhere in 1997. Followed by the famed “MMMBop” causing girls to swoon and play the song on repeat and parents to throw the tape over the side of the boat into the lake (Literally though. Just ask my dad). Their album going multi-platinum because of their pitch perfect voice and catchy tunes.

The brothers still continue to perform decades later, releasing a new album every few years. The legacy of the lesser known Boy Band still remains in our hearts and out touring still today.

Jonas Brothers:

With all the nonstop hype around boy bands, Disney figured it was their time to jump on the bandwagon.  The Jonas Brothers were introduced in 2005, but they were really remembered for the “Year 3000.”  Together, these three brothers impacted millions of preteen listeners who were obsessed with their singing, family life, and appearances in various Disney Channel originals.  Whether you needed an upbeat power song like “Burnin’ Up” or something a little slower and more romantic like “Lovebug” this band was available to fill everyone’s needs.  

The American youth wasn’t ready for the end of this one (fans can’t help but love what has become of Nick Jonas).  

One Direction:

The English-Irish boy band composed of Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn formed on the show The X-Factor in 2010. The boys who came in third on the TV show hit mass success via social media, making five albums in five years which is no easy task. Eventually winning a plethora of awards for songs like “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Best Song Ever,” “Story of My Life,” etc. The newest boy band causing girls both young and old to swoon over not only their soul touching lyrics but as well as their dreamy looks.

Eventually, the famed One Direction met it’s demise when band member Zayn decided it was time to call it quits. The breaking hearts of girls could be heard across the world. The tears. The angry tweets. Although they didn’t reign long, they made a lasting impact on the Boy Band world.  

R.I.P. One Direction.  




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