Life’s an Adventure… Keep Moving

“There is always a sadness about packing. I guess you wonder if where you’re going is as good as where you’ve been.”  – Richard Proenneke

I’ve had something on my mind lately that, well has given me more anxiety than I ever thought possible lately and that would be moving….

Simply put, it sucks. Anyone who thinks packing up your whole life into a tiny car (that might I add, I don’t have yet) and moving from a tiny nowhere town in Montana to the big ol’ city life of Florida is fun has got to be slightly insane.

I get the rush and excitement of somewhere new but lets face it, it’s scary too. Moving from everything you love and everything you know so well to somewhere that you know no one and it is all new. It makes it even harder because I’ll be away from my boyfriend too. Six months doesn’t seem like a long time but I’m sure it will feel like an eternity.

Granted, I have lived in Florida before for previous internships but this time its different too. This time I don’t have to come back for school because now it’s my turn to go into the world and get a big girl job after this last internship of course.

Also let’s not forget to mention how damn hard it is to find a car. Like really?! Why is it that everyone thinks their POS car here is worth so much? Because a 1981 station wagon that’s rusted to no end is not worth $7500, it’s just not. So now after months of searching I’ve found my “dream car for a reasonable price” 9 hours away in Oregon. Yeah…. That’s what I said, Oregon. So here is to a 18 hour drive round trip in 2 days. Why so quickly you ask? Because in the midst of my last class, getting a car and getting ready to move in less than 20 days I have to work.

Whoever said moving was easy… You sir are wrong, very wrong.

So here are to the next 20 days and the great unknown. The sleepless nights, countless hours of driving, of the endless amount of homework and working.

Let’s just hope I can survive and make it out in one piece!




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